All of these lovely super Super Tuesday photos were taken by our friends at National Journal/CBS News: Sarah Boxer, Rebecca Kaplan, Lindsey Boerma, Sarah Huisenga, and Naureen Khan.  

CBS News’ Dustin Gervais wrapped up Super Tuesday by interviewing polling analyst Nick Barnets.

Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer tells Dan Raviv that Mitt Romney has some real problems on Super Tuesday. 

Mitt Romney won in Vermont, Virginia, Idaho, Ohio and in his home state of Massachusetts. Here he is speaking to his supporters.

Ron Paul didn’t win any states on Super Tuesday. Here he is speaking to his supporters.

Newt Gingrich won in Georgia, his home state and a must-win for the former speaker. Here he is speaking to his supporters on Super Tuesday. 


Rick Santorum took Oklahoma, Tennessee and North Dakota. Here he is speaking to his supporters on Super Tuesday.

Romney Takes Ohio

Mitt Romney will win the Ohio primary, CBS News projects.

Our own Dustin Gervais spoke with CBS News’ Peter King and Leonie Huddy on #SuperTuesday before the results swarmed in. Stay here for results!

Romney says Obama insufficiently pro-Israel

Disagreeing sharply with President Obama’s recent pro-Israel rhetoric, Mitt Romney on Tuesday said Obama has “warmed to the Palestinian cause” and scoffed at any talk of negotiating with Iran over its nuclear weapons plans by asserting: “Hope is not a foreign policy.” (Political Hotsheet report by Sarah Boxer, CBS News and National Journal)