GOP’s Blunt: Dems focus on “the wrong things”

Freshman Senator Roy Blunt, R-Mo., said the Senate’s vote on the Buffett Rule is a symptom of misplaced priorities. (Political Hotsheet report by Leigh Ann Caldwell)

Romney campaign video celebrates Ann Romney

As Mitt Romney shifts from primary to general election mode, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is re-introducing himself to voters. A new video his campaign released today, celebrating the birthday of his wife Ann Romney, highlights Romney’s life as a husband and a family man. (Political Hotsheet report by Stephanie Condon)

Rick Santorum is poised to suspend his bid for the presidency on Tuesday, removing the last significant obstacle in Mitt Romney’s now all-but-certain march to the Republican presidential nomination. (Political Hotsheet report by Brian Montopoli)

Republican voters in Michigan and Arizona say the most important quality they’re looking for in a presidential nominee is the ability to beat President Obama, according to CBS News early exit polling. (Political Hotsheet report by CBS News’ Stephanie Condon)