Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has won Wyoming’s county conventions in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, the Associated Press reported Saturday. (Political Hotsheet report by CBS’ orbett B. Daly) 

AP: Rick Santorum wins Kansas caucuses

Santorum wins Kansas caucuses, AP reports

Rick Santorum pulled out a victory in Saturday’s caucuses in Kansas, the Associated Press reports. The win gives the former Pennsylvania Senator his eighth victory in the Republican primary season and keeps his candidacy alive.

Romney Wins Maine Caucuses

Maine Caucus Results:

Mitt Romney 39%   2,190

Ron Paul 36%       1,996

Rick Santorum 18%     989

Newt Gingrich 6%      349

Rick Santorum sweeps all three states Tuesday

Rick Santorum wins the Minnesota and Colorado caucuses and also wins the non-binding primary in Missouri.

CBS News Projects Rick Santorum will win MN and MO

CBS News projects that Rick Santorum will win the Minnesota caucuses and the non-binding Missouri primary. The results from Colorado are still being counted.

Vote Totals from the Iowa Caucuses

There are new numbers from Iowa’s Republican party on who received the most caucus votes.

We may never know for sure who “won” the event, as 8 precinct’s results will not be certified, says the Iowa GOP.

However, these final numbers show that Rick Santorum ended up with 34 more votes in those precincts that were certified.

Here are the raw numbers:

2012 Iowa Republican Caucus Certified vote totals (1766/1774 precincts certified)

Rick Santorum        29,839

Mitt Romney           29,805

Ron Paul                26,036

Newt Gingrich         16,163

Rick Perry              12,557

Michele Bachmann   6,046

Jon Huntsman         739

No Preference         147

Other                    86

Herman Cain           45

Sarah Palin             23

Buddy Roemer         17

Total Voters (1766 of 1774 precincts)       121,503

Certified vote totals were unavailable for eight of Iowa’s 1,774 precincts. Full, certified vote totals per precinct are available online at