CBS News correspondent Dan Raviv reports who will be moderating the presidential debates this October, and we hear from two of the moderators — CBS’ Bob Schieffer and the PBS veteran, Jim Lehrer.

CBS News’ Dustin Gervais wrapped up Super Tuesday by interviewing polling analyst Nick Barnets.

Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer tells Dan Raviv that Mitt Romney has some real problems on Super Tuesday. 

Mitt Romney won in Vermont, Virginia, Idaho, Ohio and in his home state of Massachusetts. Here he is speaking to his supporters.

Ron Paul didn’t win any states on Super Tuesday. Here he is speaking to his supporters.

Rick Santorum took Oklahoma, Tennessee and North Dakota. Here he is speaking to his supporters on Super Tuesday.

CBS News projects that Mitt Romney will win both Arizona and Michigan primaries. Here is Romney speaking to his supporters in Novi, Mich.

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum talks to his supporters after projections that he will lose to Mitt Romney in the Arizona and Michighan primaries.

Mitt Romney pulls off the victory in the state of his birth, Michigan. CBS’ Dustin Gervais speaks with Fred Backus of the CBS Polling unit on what voters helped carry him to victory.